Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Most of the fonts on your computer are not free. They are actually licensed by Microsoft  Adobe, and other corporations, and must not be used in commercial works unless you specifically have a commercial license for their use. Standard windows fonts are generally only free for private use.

These links are sites for free fonts for commercial use, which means that they may be use by an Independent Author for a commercial book. These fonts represent lists of good font sites, some with absolutely HUGE collections of free fonts.

*** Please note that GPL license free fonts are a writers bane. Any work they are incorporated into must be free of charge due to said font use, according to the GPL license itself. Avoid them like the plague.

 I will add more as time permits.

Free Fonts for commercial use: (In good faith as stated on the websites themselves)  ***Note. Check each font license on this particular site before download.

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