Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Computer Programs Page

Numerous computer programs exist which claim the be good for this and that purpose. However, many of the free programs available aren't worth the time of day. Below is a rather limited set of program links organized by topic. These are by no means inferior products, but are actually good quality free programs for various tasks at the time of this writing.

Check the EULA's to make sure they are still free.

Powerful graphics software for cover design: *** Comparable to Photoshop, and FREE. *** A good layer based free graphics design program. Not nearly as powerful as the others though.  *** The Gimp VERY powerful layer based graphics program comparable to Photoshop  Very steep learning curve though. GNU license does not affect graphics created with it.

Epub editors: *** Awesome free epub editor. Unfortunately, the only one I could find both free and good quality. Others are free, but buggy or very limited features.

Word Processors:  ***Light but powerful Abiword

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